A shitty amusement park in sydney that was closed down because the faggots in North Sydney (see worst suburb) could take the sound of screaming kids. It is worth noting if word order is maintained but both words reversed it spells Anul Krap (see Anal Crap).
Has recently been reopened now with 20% less rollercoaster.
"I went to Luna Park to try and score some smack, all I found was children so I removed all their adrenal glands and shot their adrenachrome." Johnny
by Johnny DePore` April 27, 2006
Top Definition
In Belgium, is used to call an arcade shop or an arcade stand at fairs, playing mostly electronic games and some coins games.
It's slowly replaced by electronic gambling shop.
Origin of the words seems to come from a freak show village attraction in a Brussels International Exhibition in the beginning of the 20th century.
They got Ms. Pacman at the luna park.

This guy will stay all day long at the luna park trying to beat Donkey Kong!
by IceSixxx September 27, 2010
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