Amar "Big Dirty" Bains. See Bainsie Poo. Bains is the man. He loves it when ladies.... yeah.
"Bring me a sandwich, along with your massive lun"
by Die_Tasse February 09, 2005
Slang term for penis. Can also be used in combination with other words to make lun yurng and mut lun yeah ah.
That guy has no lun.
by ET2QT July 10, 2003
Chinese (Cantonese)slang term for penis. Actually means "dick" or "cock".
"Hum lun"= suck cock
"lun tuhw"= dickhead
"lun yuerng"- same connotation as saying someone's "a dick"
"Mut lun yea ah?"- literally "what the dick's going on"- same connotation as "what the fuck?"
by John Tam the Man October 07, 2006
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