In Madrilian slang, whore, prostitute
Salí de farra y acabé con una lumi
I went out for a spree and ended up with a whore

En la Gran Vía madrileña hay mogollón de lumis
In Madrid's Gran Vía there are tons of whores
by fonsucu February 03, 2009

A short, and often fond nickname for the term Lumena. It is used mainly by those closest to the person and for those whom like shorter phrases for larger words. It has the same meaning as it's larger counter-part.
I could have sworn Lumi was in the garden, but she wasn't here at all today.
by Lumena Chimes July 30, 2006
A huge fairy
Omg Lumi is touching me!
by Shro January 04, 2004
A Guy who is Crazy and well you know...
Omg Lumi is touching me!
by Cali June 26, 2003
a bitch, a prostitute, someone u call when ure fucking bored at ure house and u feel like having a little excersice
lets go and pick up sum lumis
by enke January 24, 2004
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