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A luleelurah is a mode of transportation which is used to effectively go down tuu.
Fall Out Boy: We're going down tuu in a luleelurah!!
by Ganemi August 12, 2006
A tricked out ride covered in penis, a small pool of water, and driven by a piece of shit emo stick figure using a janky ass steering wheel. Mostly used to travel down tuu.
We're going down tuu in a luleelurah in suugah we goin' down swingin.'
by Blaise February 07, 2006
A train. Word popularized by the band Fall Out Boy in their song "Sugar, We're Going Down." Has now become a widespread emo joke across many online off topic forums online.
OMGz we're like going down in a luleelurah swinging OMG FTW. Loaded god complex, cock it and pull it.
by Isar December 27, 2005
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