A n00bish way to say "LOL"
You: You are ignorant.
Me: Your face. lul.
by SmashClover May 29, 2007
An abbreviation for 'laugh up lad' derived from lol 'laugh out loud'

If you are geeky enough you say either in real life.
Nerd 1: *snorts* I love NeoPets
Nerd 2: LULLL me too!
by nikachu June 10, 2007
luv u loadz can say it 2 m8s or bfs/ gfs
meet ya l8r
lul zara xXx
by sofi March 20, 2005
coming from the word little.
shortened to become 'lul'.

adj. - short form of little
noun - used to describe something that one has feelings towards
adj- aw, what a sweet lul boy.

noun- that lul is so cute.
by Alejandra April 20, 2005
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