Like lol, but half-hearted.

Also, "dick" in Danish.
Thing 1: "Jess fell off the deck again."

Thing 2: "Lul."
by Katsumi June 27, 2008
"Laugh Under Loud" - as opposed to "LOL" which stands for "Laugh Out Loud", lul is used to describe a slight laugh after a lame joke is told.
Chris: What else should be added to the website?
Pat: Er
Chris: Er, you mean error messages? lul
by Feral0093 January 26, 2010
laughing uncontrollably loud
Sarah is so funny she made me lul!
by Hazza182 August 19, 2009
Laugh (just) under loud
Guy 1: Hey look at this funny picture!
Guy 2: Lul, people are sleeping, gotta be quiet.
by Xavier-Marxel February 09, 2010
love you lots
Austin Powers: Felicity,
Felicity Shagwell: yeah?
Austin Powers: Lul!!!
by Deets! October 19, 2009
Acronym for "Laughing Utterly Loud". Mostly used online when reacting to something that is dumb and funny at the same time.
Noob1: haha i just tked my entire team

Noob2: lul
by nopyo March 11, 2008
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