Laughing unbelievably loud
omg im lul right now
by kerike October 19, 2014
Laughing uncontrollably loud
John: May I use WinRAR to extract my dick in your girl friends asshole?
Me: Lulz!
by rofllll April 18, 2011
The shorthand of loooooooooool. What all the kewl people say. Lul.
*Sees joke on Facebook*

Bob: LOOOOOOL that was sooo funnyy!

Sara: LOOOOL????? Where the shite have you been?! "Lul" is where it's at

Bob: Awks. Lul
by mathpants April 16, 2013

The completeness/crucial/pivotal/necessary explanation of emotion in life.
Keeyana: Why am i so bored?

Sophia: Cause your sober.

by lulmeister November 07, 2011
A term created and developed in the Magic is Might Experience, combining real memes and random crap.

It means 'Laughing Under Lava,' in a LOLcano!

It's usually used in completely random situations that don't call for laughter.
Tonks: Stop trying to make LUL happen. It's not going to happen.

Draco: LUL!!
by SevLovesLily July 07, 2011
its the same meaning as LOL.
but its just sounds better when its pronounced.
"Yo I just fell and busted my ass"
"luls. yur such a dumb dumb :]"
by Diana Batista July 13, 2008
Laughing under lava

by Zoe Lorange October 06, 2011

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