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people who say they are christians and try to cram it down other peoples throats but cannot live up to the bibles commandments
lukewarm christians are "christians" who are divorced (adultery), living in sin (adultery), cheats on their wives with gay lovers (family values politicians), drinks and dances (an ultimate sin for the baptist slanters), goes to strip clubs, votes republican, who gossips and gives people nasty glares b/c they are judgemental like their version of God, who is a bigoted racist, sexist, anti-everybody-different-than-themselves, sadistic asshole or cunt, and very largely from Texas. They love to make their beliefs the laws of the land, that is, the ones they pick and choose conveniently to suit their sinful lifestyles.
by notgoingtohelllikechristians October 08, 2009
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