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The nickname for Luther Campbell, who started the 2 live crew as Luke Skywalker, but stopped using that name after legal action was threatened by Lucasfilm. Afterwards, he changed his company to Luke Records and was called either Luke or Luther Campbell. Luke' lyrics are wildly varied and run the gamut from sexually suggestive to sexually explicit to sexually abusive. Contrary to what many people think, Luke is not and has never been a gangsta rapper. Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them. His CDs are generally nonviolent.
Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them.
by gruefood June 06, 2006
A true blooded American. Loves to fuck bitches and get money. Typically Luke will have a girlfriend but realize girlfriends suck and being single and slaying poon is better. All the ladies think he is attractive but he doesn't go for them. Nobody completely understands Luke and when they ask he simply says, "Beer, bitches and bucks." Then walks off.
Someone who loves America and gets all the bitches.

Luke always has a huge dick.
by Lukluke September 16, 2013
A verb. To utterly fail at something, and draw unecessary attention to oneself. Often makes others in the conversation feel awkward.
Today I was at the store, when my friend Luked the conversation. It was very embarrassing.

I Luked my chem exam, which everyone else got an A on. How did I Luke things up so badly?
by Potatoz January 17, 2012
intransitive verb

1 a : to take pleasure in directing others to commit an injustice b : to encourage an evil deed.

2 : to stroke one's ego by encouraging others to do harm

Examples of Luke
. The boss had a boner after luking an older employee.
. The department director luked Joe via Eric.
. Dion was bored so he luked Steve.
by Steafan March 28, 2012
A lanky bi blonde lad that has a shit hair cut, Wanks at every second of the day as he cant shag any lass or lad (Not like any would want to). He also never changes his clothes as he is too busy dreaming of what a pussy and cock would test like in his mount. P.s He is probably dreaming about the person next to him rimming his anus.
"Luke is a lanky cunt"
by EVIL BARBIE October 16, 2013
He believes himself to be an online God... but actually plays the lamest of characters in every game. He is often loud and outgoing but only opens up to a few people. His bestfriends are numbers and he appreciates the finer things in life such as spar baguettes. Is often messy and loves to be cooked for. His actions are often misinterpreted as being lazy. And with his accent he is often seen as gay, though he is more often then not. Could be seen as a party animal but is rarely seen two nights in a row. Loves not being "normal"....
There goes Luke again with a damn Spar baguette...
by The Evil Twirps.... October 17, 2010
Name given to those with really attractive sexy toes and feet. Mainly applys to males, can apply to females
No wonder he's called Luke, his toes are adorable.
I would totally spunk all over Lukes feet
by TheOneOfTheBum January 29, 2012
He is amazing. He has gorgeous eyes and dark hair. He has a good sense of humor and he drives a white truck . He picks his guitar everyday and he knows how to change a flat tire. He likes to fight fires.
king, pimp, firefighter, country, city, Luke
by emodrumgirl February 03, 2010