The nickname for Luther Campbell, who started the 2 live crew as Luke Skywalker, but stopped using that name after legal action was threatened by Lucasfilm. Afterwards, he changed his company to Luke Records and was called either Luke or Luther Campbell. Luke' lyrics are wildly varied and run the gamut from sexually suggestive to sexually explicit to sexually abusive. Contrary to what many people think, Luke is not and has never been a gangsta rapper. Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them. His CDs are generally nonviolent.
Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them.
by gruefood June 06, 2006
Darth Vader's son
Luke, I am your father
by majoramirez November 06, 2011
The Awesomeness guy in the World.

The awesomeness relationship consultant.
by Pedofile11 November 20, 2010
a smexy lad. who has big hands and gorgeous eyes. Makes Tori's laugh, which will make him steal her heart. He can be easily misunderstood and is too sweet and makes you smile all the time. He can be a little cocky, but he is also very shy when you first meet him. He has great hair, and is VERY handsome.And is possibley an amazing kisser. It is very hard to snag a "Luke" so if you do, you are very lucky. Side Note: "Luke's" and "Lucas's" are two VERY DIFFERENT things. Do not confuse the two.
Sarah: Oh my god! Luke is so funny!

Tori: I know, that's why he's mine.
Guy 1: Dude did you see that guy with the awesome hair?

Guy 2: Yeah, that's Luke. He gets all the ladies because of it.
by yepyepdino March 26, 2011
Luke is considered to be a lot fun, energetic to be around. Luke likes to let the people he cares about know how he feels about them however he constantly needs to be reassured on the other he is gorgeous and knows it! He has been named 'the party' he knows what he wants and usually gets it by sweet talk or charm. He finds himself falling in 'love' but knows when he really is. Luke is extremely loyal and is very trustworthy which is why he such a good friend to many! Very polite always. Likes banter at all times, love to drink and show people a good time. Has been hurt in the past however always moves on and always finds something better. He is short tempered but easy to resolve the problem.
Aimee will always love Luke because he's perfect for her! Wouldn't change a thing.
by Aimse January 04, 2011
N. A cute, tall guy, with an amazing sense of humor. He's sweet and usually a gentleman to the ladies. Usually a bit nerdy.
That guy luke, he's awkward.
by --nicetrygolem September 28, 2011
Is the definition of sex god. He is good talking to women and excellent in the sack. A big slong/dong
Who has the best cock around our days?

Luke does.
by Venessa Hudgenson October 03, 2011
Lukes are probably the coolest people you've ever met, if you have the good fortune of getting to know a Luke you are one lucky individual. Lukes have phenomenal fashion sense and are the best kind of friend you could ever want to have. Luke is also subliminally altering the minds of the public to begin laying the seed for world domination. Luke is an evil genius, but because of his sweet and quirky personality fools you into believing he is harmless.

"Luke" may also be used as a descriptive word.
"Hey man, sick car, it's really Luke'n!"

"Wow, that guy is so Luke."
by yellowsubmarineoctopus March 30, 2012

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