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The nickname for Luther Campbell, who started the 2 live crew as Luke Skywalker, but stopped using that name after legal action was threatened by Lucasfilm. Afterwards, he changed his company to Luke Records and was called either Luke or Luther Campbell. Luke' lyrics are wildly varied and run the gamut from sexually suggestive to sexually explicit to sexually abusive. Contrary to what many people think, Luke is not and has never been a gangsta rapper. Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them. His CDs are generally nonviolent.
Luke started out before NWA, and kept going after them.
by gruefood June 06, 2006
Someone who likes a lot of small ladies especially ones named Bridget, Jocelyn, Stacy, etc. Also a big show-off and a baby.
OMG, that noob is such a Luke!
by Fruitcake Lukie August 25, 2009
To sexually eye-up a girl or boy who is underage or with an extremely big age gap.







"that old man is luking like a bitch."

"i saw this girl yesterday and was almost Luking at her."

"i walked past the school this morning and luked."
by Fred2 rocks April 24, 2008
]luke]: a lame kid with a small penis so small that he cant do anything with a female he also is a fatass that eats junk food when he can have it
by crap butt face February 07, 2010
a guy who is white but thinks he is black, he is a pain in the ass and his nose is the biggest part on his body
"whazzup man"
"your white...must be luke"
by big fish little fish May 15, 2009
A guy with an abnormally large chin
He has a Luke chin
by Jerichoholic88 September 01, 2008
One who has mental issues; bipolar disorder. Also, a chronic liar and one that makes up idiotic stories because one thinks it will impress other ones, but ones know that the "luke" is lying. Literal psycho-path.
Did you just see that guy throw that x-box controller at his girlfriend?

Yeah, he's such a freaking Luke.
by peanut brittle August 17, 2008
A man with no life who sits infront of his computer all day headbanging heavy rock or wastes his time on a game like guitar hero ussually very emotional, backstabbing, and competitive (at video games) usually uses the word rick rolled pooned or wastes their time on the Wikipedia.
Nerd:prepare to die!!!
Man: ahhhh!!
Nerd: you just got rick rolled
Man: OK?
Nerd: look it up on Wikipedia i just pooned you
Man: What a Luke!!
by Agro fello September 11, 2008