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The Stare of Death, used by a Green Itailian Plumber with surprisingly decent karting skills. First seen in the 2014 Wii U Title, Mario Kart 8, when the titular character's brother drives by other racers and give them a very dirty look. Use slow motion for full effect.
They see him rollin', they hatin'. So he proceeds to Luigi Death Stare them.
by Nerwrax15 June 16, 2014
The stare that will make you fall on the floor paralyzed with laughs as people mention Luigi. It is a disease that makes people wonder if you are really sayai- I mean sane.... It will kill your family and make you fall into the obscurity of the deep web
Luigi Death Stare : Dey see me rollin'
by TheEpicKappa February 21, 2015

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