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N (1)Online nickname for human being known "as" LuftWaffles, Lufty, Schwee.(2) Nazi Breaksast dish, served usually with syrup.
"Have you seen LuftWaffles tonight on Counter-Strike?"

"Please pass the LuftWaffles."
by luftwaffles June 03, 2003
1. An elite Nazi air force whose aircraft were built entirely from waffles.

2. Another way to say "rofl".
Lights out! The Luftwaffles are coming!
by Raptor007 May 12, 2008
The snack that kept German soldiers (especially those of the Luftwaffe) alive in the cold, wet trenches in France.
Heinrich was almost starving when he found the last package of LuftWaffles on the body of one of his fellow soldiers.
by Eitje March 20, 2011