Dealer talk for acid.
1: hey man you wanna go on an adventure with Lucy tonight?
2: definitely man, how much for 3?
by nicholelovesking October 26, 2010
Lucy such a asshole, yet you love her and would do anything for her.
Me- "Hey Lucy lets go to Disneyland"
Lucy- "Yes, why not"
Day of the plan comes
Me- *Texts Lucy*
Lucy- (No reply ever)

a week after...

Lucy- Wanna go to the Haunted Hay?
Me- Yes I'm up for it
Day of the event
Lucy picks me up and we go.


It's always Lucy's way!
by macaroniandcheeseee October 15, 2013
A sensitive creature who often devolves emotion that manifests itself in various physical and sexual expressions. Misunderstood by many except those who understand the intricacies of her complicated mind set
Lucy will stick fingers in mouth when sexually aroused
by Dartagnon February 04, 2010
A narcissitic little bitch who will fuck you over. When you need her the most, she won't be there for you. When she walks into the room, you feel yourself heave.
I feel ill, lucy walked into the room, i've never heard anyone talk about themselves so much in such a short space of time.
by ghostbusterssssss November 28, 2009
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes who lives in the skies with diamonds.
Hey did you heard about Lucy?

-Yeah you mean the one that lives in the skies?

Yeah the one with kaleidoscope eyes!!
by hermberger June 26, 2013
A believer. One who sees things others can't. One who brings everyone together and saves the world!
Why are you so awesome Madam?

Well.. my parents did name me Lucy...
by putalidonitnnipitindabud October 23, 2012
lucy,she's amazing;gorgeous&never puts anyone down.
always has a smile,hides everything from most people...except close friends. green eyes+maybe a dimple but it depends where she's from..dimples from the uk!
hows your relationship going?
i want a lucy,but i have a sofia.
oh you silly fool!
by kippyfish October 09, 2012
a darling, lovely beautiful creature that has constant ethereal beauty and charm
She's such a sweet Lucy!
by LovelyLu's closest companion December 02, 2011

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