Dealer talk for acid.
1: hey man you wanna go on an adventure with Lucy tonight?
2: definitely man, how much for 3?
by nicholelovesking October 26, 2010
Lucy very musical and loves to sing. The best friend that you could wish for. She is kind, caring and will never be unfaithful. She is shy but once you get to know her you'll forget about that stage. Is very weird and isn't afraid to show it. Doesn't care about other people's opinions. Sarcastic and Argumentative. UNICORN LOVER! Gorgeous hair and sparkly eyes.
Person 1:OMG you're friends with Lucy! You're soon lucky!

Person 2: Ikr she's the best.
by Loucy April 30, 2015
Lucy more commonly known as Lucifer.
Love child of the almighty Satan and God.
Lucy can be a very good girl to go to if you have problems but can be irritating as shit sometimes. Also can be a innocent girl but the devil is twisting her organs to go into a fiery rage of hell. If Lucy gets angry fiery hell demons raise out of the ground and attack the person who is harming her.
Hey did you see that hot fiery hell demon Lucy
Yeah I do she's amazing but annoying!
by Stevie101 April 09, 2015

Lucy is the Kindness person u ever met, with her sky blue eye. She will be shy at first but after you let her in she be amazing and crazy person you ever let into your life. She will always be they for you no matter what, your be probly be friends for life. Lucy will tell a lot of her ups and downs mean how much she let u in. But mean she can trust the person she talking to. If you break that trust you lost a great friend to have, so never try to let her go.
"Look at her eyes they well Sky blue, she must be a Lucy"
"Lucy is amazing and crazy person you ever met"
"Lucy will never let you down"
"Never let her go, she a amazing friend to have
by lucy April 17, 2015
Lucy is someone who is beautiful inside and outside. A great friend. She never fails to make you smile and to make you feel happy. She understands you. She is always here for you. You can say, without a Lucy in your life you're nothing.
"I need a Lucy in my
by amolap_hems November 21, 2015
A manipulative, naive female who will follow everything she believes to be popular and waste everything of worth. Lucy's learn the hard way after causing a great deal of damage to others. However in most cases go on to stir further. Lucy's feed of drama.
'Oh no she wasn't a Lucy?!'
by fg3fg April 12, 2010
Goddess with amazing banter and the potential to be an empress (although the word emperor is better)
"But between the queen and goddess they'll save me and sentence you to death for attempted murder"

"Lucy does not save dickheads"
by Empress1234567890 September 09, 2015
A girl who doesn't care about what people say about her. Good in class and gets brilliant marks. Often classed as a teacher's pet or a goody two shoes but she is only trying to get good grades for a good job. Hates chavs and would never be caught dead in any ridiculously revealing clothes. Wishes for gender equality and thinks that all races, sexualities and people in general should be treated the same. Has amazing friends, more than likely a few Chloes or Lizs. Often thought of as quiet but loves
What's her name? You know, that girl that got top in the class? She must be a Lucy.
by TheWolfAngel May 18, 2015
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