Lucy, all Lucy's are cool! If your name is Lucy and your surname also begins with L that makes you even cooler!
"Lucy Lynch" The name is 2 L's so this girl MUST be cool!
"Have you seen that girl Lucy Lynch?".... "Yeah, MAN SHE IS COOL! Bo yah, I like the way that girl thinks! "

by ycuL January 04, 2008
Another name for Acid (LSD-25).

Originated from the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by The Beatles.
How much for a hit of Lucy?
by Dustin W Danley July 10, 2008
A girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Curvy and pretty, but is normally self conscious and wont take a compliment. Amazing smile and knows how to cheer someone up, she always wears a smile on her face and doesn't let petty things get to her but when something hits her, it hits her hard. She can be stubborn at the best of times and she always gets the blame in the end and sometimes she finds it hard but she knows her friends will help her through and at the end of the day that smile never comes off her face because sometimes she doesn't like showing the truth. She doesn't lie and she can keep a secret and the things that mean most to her she will keep close to her heart.
That girls a Lucy
How can you tell?
She's smiling on a rainy day.
by klkiddalyke June 15, 2011
a sweet angel. really funny and loves hugs. very popular becouse people genuinly like her, breathtakingy beautiful and destined for friendship, beauty, and success. really the whole package!
"who did you vote for prom queen?"
"well lucy ovecourse! who would better represent our school!?"
by simikinz April 06, 2013
she's sweet and lovable and will love you for the rest of eternity. she's fun and happy but you need want to see her dark side.her heart could fit the world in it and she has a smart and witty sense of humor.
i wish i had a Lucy<3 <3
by daisy loopan October 17, 2013
Lucy is a short girl who is often timid around strangers, crazy around her friends and abolutely insane aroung her TRUE friends. Lucy is a big city girl who dreams of living somewhere big like NYC or LDC. Lucy is an intellegent girl who often underestimates herself and needs to give herself far more credit. Lucy is a gore loving person who doesnt mind getting her hands dirty and loves bloody horror movies and action movies, she also has a secret soft spot for romance. Lucy is a great girl to have in your life and once you get to know her she will make your life amazing. Lucy is just girl looking for love...<3
"hey, whos that girl shes amazing"
"man, thats lucy, isnt she great"
by rosiejano November 19, 2012
an amazing young girl with a brilliant personallity u will never find a more hilarious chick in the world than her. if she isnt this then shes not a real lucy
Girl 1: Wow lucy's hilarious
Girl 2: yer ayye
by Valkyrie Cain November 25, 2011
Meaning to "pee" or "urinate". Usually used while drinking alcoholic beverages. Sometime as code for those that know the meaning among others that do not.
I have to lucy, but the line for the loo is all the way out the back door of the pub. Would any of you mind if I go in the lane.

I am going to go see lucy. Do you want to join me?
by MateoDiego February 05, 2010

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