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Lucy, all Lucy's are cool! If your name is Lucy and your surname also begins with L that makes you even cooler!
"Lucy Lynch" The name is 2 L's so this girl MUST be cool!
"Have you seen that girl Lucy Lynch?".... "Yeah, MAN SHE IS COOL! Bo yah, I like the way that girl thinks! "

by ycuL January 04, 2008
1090 1010
Lucy's are amazing once you get to knoe them,they will be like your sister.They are beautifull and smart :)They always have a smile on thier face,There super kind and I LOVE DEM !
They like this boy called Martin :)
Person 2: shes taken by a boy called martin ;)
by katyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy1997 December 07, 2010
33 68
she's sweet and lovable and will love you for the rest of eternity. she's fun and happy but you need want to see her dark side.her heart could fit the world in it and she has a smart and witty sense of humor.
i wish i had a Lucy<3 <3
by daisy loopan October 17, 2013
3 39
Lucy such a asshole, yet you love her and would do anything for her.
Me- "Hey Lucy lets go to Disneyland"
Lucy- "Yes, why not"
Day of the plan comes
Me- *Texts Lucy*
Lucy- (No reply ever)

a week after...

Lucy- Wanna go to the Haunted Hay?
Me- Yes I'm up for it
Day of the event
Lucy picks me up and we go.


It's always Lucy's way!
by macaroniandcheeseee October 15, 2013
9 46
The Lucy system is an ambiguous system of measurement based on the hight and wingspan of a Lucy. It exists in several variations, with a single Lucy being the equivalent to 1.56 metres. The Lucy measurement system can be used in a number of comparisons of different objects (its c. 250,000 Lucy’s from London to Scarborough or there are 20 cocktail sticks in a Lucy).
its about 250,000 Lucy’s from London to Scarborough or there are 20 cocktail sticks in a Lucy.
by mattywhi August 02, 2010
18 55
Lucy is a really pretty girl with long brown hair and amazing blue eyes. She doesn't need make up to look beautiful and she turns heads wherever she goes.

She is gorgeous but she often doesn't realise it, as she can be insecure at times. She is the nicest girl you will ever meet and genuinely cares about other people.

She doesn't like arguments but she can stand up for herself very well in the face of conflict. She is very intelligent and extremely good at creative writing.

She loves music and she has an amazing, god given singing voice. She teaches herself guitar and she is very talented.

People sometimes take advantage of her and talk about her behind her back due to jealousy. Lucy finds it hard to trust people and doubts herself more than she should.

Lucy is laughing and smiling most of the time and she has a wonderful sense of humour.

Her cute little dimple makes her even more beautiful.
Guy 1: Damn, is that Lucy?
Girl 2: She's not even that pretty!
Guy 1: You're clearly jealous.
Guy 2: Agreed. Look at that ass!
by KatherynBakerStreer August 13, 2013
11 47
A beautiful girl, destined to be a star, the sort of person a boy falls in love with, just like that.
Pure golden skin with intense eyes and long, silky hair, any girl named Lucy is in luck. They will be ravishing.
My daughter looks like a Lucy.
by omgoshtheyareawesome July 24, 2013
8 45
lucy, is a young and beautiful chick who is the envy of everybody at school. Her good looks and amazingly hot body attracts the boys. she is a great friend who is super smart and funny. A little bit of a rockstar, Lucy will rock your world each and every day. she has sandy blonde/brown hair ( likes to keep it really natural), tanned skin and brown eyes , her rack is huge and she likes to flaunt it. every boy in town crawls for her but every Lucy knows that boys have to work to win her heart.
she is actually so hot that she could easily be Justin Bieber's date on the red carpet. that's how hot she.
bro, did you see Lucy on the weekend? She look so hot!

man, no i didn't! i'm so diappointed because i try to see her as much as a can but so many guys are chasing her that she is hard to catch :(

bro, i know how you feel, the guys were talking about how how she was today and like almost the whole grade jimmed in and starting talking about her too.

bro, i have to get me Lucy
by story teller 101 June 08, 2011
34 71