A derogatory term that Inglewood Blood gang members call Osage Legend Crips, a rival Crip gang in Inglewood, CA. Osage Legend Crips often use the acronym "L.C." when referring to their gang. Bloods make fun of their acronym by calling them Lucky Charms.
Blood: Fuck Lucky Charms! (meaning: Fuck Legend Crips)
by afr3cb February 17, 2010
Slang term for Ecstasy, name given because of the images commonly ingraved on E pills that can look like Lucky Charms.
Brad: Dude, I need to get bouncing, pass me some Lucky Charms.

Bro #1: This club is gonna be kick ass.
Bro #2: Yeah but I need to get my shit going.
Bro #1: Well, reach into the pot o' gold and pop some Lucky Charms.
by B-more Bro April 16, 2007
1: Medically, this is when someone recieves an enema and cannot contain the pressure long enough. Due to the pressure the patient continuously begins "blowing ass" all over the nurse or doctor. The result is little speckles, or lucky charms, all over their face and/or body.

2: The best fucking cereal. EVAR.
1: Honey, how'd your day at work go? Some guy blew ass all over my face during an enema and got lucky charms all over me.

2: I love Lucky Charms so much I shit my pants.
by Roy Sanchez August 08, 2006
the only thing good in it is the little marshmellows
everything else is shit
by meat stupid June 02, 2003
The Testicles also known as: Testis, Balls, Nuts, Family Jewels
She licked me Lucky Charms!
by i.like.chipotle.and.im.a.fatty November 19, 2009
When a man is recieving oral pleasure from another male or female, and ejaculates over the other persons face.
The man just lucky charmed that woman badly!!!
by Don Aymus January 11, 2008
Singular noun-Derogatory reference to Irish people from Ireland or anyone with big ears, unruly eyebrows, bad teeth and may include excessive ear hair. Plural - Lucky Charms
That trophy head over there with the big ears is such a Lucky Charm.
by MOR July 03, 2006

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