The performance of Manchester United's English Premier League campaign of the year 2008-2009. Winning almost all 38 matches,by a single goal deficit only.
"Barcelona were lucky to win La Liga in 2009."
by Ajab Khan January 31, 2009
A slang term for Lucky Strike.
Person A: "Say, do you have a cigarette?"
Person B: "Sorry man, this is my last Lucky."
by Mephianse April 05, 2005
the best beer ever brewed
lets slam back a couple of luckys and than go drive that truck in the ocean
by iammememe October 04, 2006
New funny catch phrase. Referring to Napoleon Dynamite saying LUCKY!
Napoleon: "Do you ride the bus to school?"
Pedro: "No, I ride my bike"
Napoleon: "What kind of bike do you have?"
Pedro: "It's a sledgehammer"
Napoleon: "Dang, you got shocks, pegs, LUCKY!"
by AJKenady April 01, 2005
1. Pertaining luck
2. Of great fortune
3. Homer Simpson
It was very lucky of you to have sex with the leopard, Billy!
by JOKa August 26, 2003
AN ass of a pet
Get that lucky out of here
by ?XXXXP December 28, 2009
a kid from staten island that constantly breaks his legs, and other bones. and got sent to jail for a stupid computer crime
Lucky sure didn't get lucky this time.
by eric October 01, 2004
that big black guy that follows britney spears everywhere.
"did u see that lucky asshole that folows britney spears everywhere?"
by vince June 14, 2004

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