The performance of Manchester United's English Premier League campaign of the year 2008-2009. Winning almost all 38 matches,by a single goal deficit only.
"Barcelona were lucky to win La Liga in 2009."
by Ajab Khan January 31, 2009
1. Prone to Good Fortune

2. Succeeding through chance

3. Homer Simpson
(place example here)
by me December 13, 2004
William Taylor
Getting lucky handball penalities on fifa
by Peter Heery November 24, 2010
to get your girlfreind horny. to make her wanna have some fun. most likely on valentines day or when a male accomplished something.
boy buys earings
girl smiles
boy is later pushed on couch
girl begins stripping
girl lapdances on boy
boy grins
goy is very lucky
by captain perv December 05, 2009
Definition of lucky: An amazing girl falls head over heels for a lacrosse player. The girl is lucky when the lacrosse player likes her back.
Lacrosse player: You're pretty.

Brittany: Thanks, you make me feel like the most lucky girl in the world. :)
by Bcrawl May 21, 2009
Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly
You know what lucky stands for? L-U-C-K-Y? Living Under Correct Knowledge Yearly - Gary Busey (Phil Cassidy)
by Slim Trashman May 17, 2006
A very cool magazine about shopping which not only highlights the under-the-radar trends in fashion, beauty and home furnishings but also explains how to wear/integrate them. Unfortunately, women everywhere have caught on to this little gem of a publication and what was once hip, fresh and unique has become mainstream. Ah well...
'Lucky' was so much cooler about 2 years ago, when not every chick on the block had her nose stuck in it the moment it hit newsstands.
by redgyul December 14, 2004

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