The performance of Manchester United's English Premier League campaign of the year 2008-2009. Winning almost all 38 matches,by a single goal deficit only.
"Barcelona were lucky to win La Liga in 2009."
by Ajab Khan January 31, 2009
A song by Britney Spears released in 2000. It was the second single off of her sophomore album "Oops!... I Did It Again" It is arguably one of her deepest songs lyrically.

Lyrically, "Lucky" and is about a famous star, who despite being very "lucky" and seemingly having it all - fame, wealth, beauty and so on - is truly lonely on the inside.

The song is a commentary on fame and the hollowness of it if you don't have someone you truly love, or someone who truly loves you, that you can share it with.
Guy 1: I just heard Lucky for the first time the other day.
Guy 2: Yeah, what about it?
Guy 1: It's so beautiful
*Guy 1 starts to sob*
Guy 2: It's okay. Let it out. You're in good company.
Guy 3: C'mon you guys, seriously?!
by Baron6489 April 24, 2011
used to describe women with insanely large breasts.
flatgirl: that girl is lucky to be born with those boobs.

flatgirl2: yeah totally.
by LHSrawk February 09, 2009
(noun): A clumsy person that thinks they are cool. They are a wise person and makes smile. One who also has fine hair and is very nice to women. This person is fly like a G6 and can do anything better than others. They can cook with their eyes closed, they can sing falsetto with their mouth taped up, they can dance upside down, and they are professional sex masters. These persons are not good at math, but loves to write about others. They always look for others and get away with anything. This person isn't perfect, but is a perfectionist. This person is unique.
My Name is Lucky
by YmUeGaAnY November 08, 2010
Slang term for a whore's vagina, especially those from New York. Normally heard in the phrase, "he's getting lucky tonight."
"Eliana is such a whore, sharing her lucky with anything that has two legs."

"Geez, my lucky is so sore from that freaky stuff I did last night."
by You Missed a Spot November 10, 2011
An expression used after hearing of a spectular event. Comes from the cult movie hit 'Napoleon Dynamite'.
Lisa: So, yesterday I was walking down the hall to my locker when Chad Baker totally asked me to prom.

Joan: Lucky! I can't even get the school geek Jared McPherson to glance at me!
by Kayeman Lanez April 12, 2006

(l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l)

:х íf чσu αrє αlσnє :>

:х í'll вє чσur shαdσw :$

:х íf чσu αrє nσt hαppч (l)

:х í'll вє ur smílє (k)

:х íf чσu wαnt tσ crч ({)

:х í'll вє чσur shσuldєr (})

:х íf чσu nєєd mє :х

:х í'll αlwαчs вє thєrє...............

★íts α símplє dєfínítíσn ★

(l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l) (l)

( :$ lucky :$ is a friendly,decent guy)
LUCKY!! is always friendly and pretty guy to all....
by Lucky439 August 13, 2012
An adjective commonly used to describe the lowly scradam.

Antonym: wonderfuls
Boy, scradam sure ees luckies to have Shawshaw for a girlfriend.
by Dordo April 06, 2005
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