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lubrication for the cunt

lubriCUNT can also be used on other parts that need lubrication.
My bike chain was stiff so i greased it with some lubriCUNT

whilst bumming are lass, i nearly snapped my banjo string, if only i had some lubriCUNT.
by i'm cocknose till i die October 02, 2008
a cunt, so wet that it doesn't require any lubrication to engage in any form of sexual act; cunt that is ready to-go.
"Baby, why is your labia majora SO wet and juicy?" says a fuck buddy.
"Oh, you didn't know?" says the female, "I have a lubricunt! And I am ready to go!"

by AK^2 September 09, 2008
n. The viscous excretion that is produced "down there" when two girls kiss each other more than thirty seconds.
We'd been kissing for almost an hour when I noticed lubricunt had soaked through my panties.

by hea May 29, 2006