a hispanic person, a spanish guy
simon szuster is a lubia, but a cool lubia
by pablo rainman June 04, 2006
Top Definition
deragetory term for mexicans in farsi (persian). It literally means "bean." Usually used as an insult. But usually persians dont got much problems with mexicans
Mexican: Fuck you, you little sand-nigger! Chinga tu madre, camel jockey. Little stupid iraní.
Persian: Goheh sag, khafeh sho lubia, beechareh! Boropeyeh caret toon, boro tacos dorostkon.
by aguynamedandy September 11, 2005
A term Persians use to refer to someone who is a straight up Mexican person. As in someone who is so Mexican that they sell oranges on the corner of the street, has a long mustache (man or woman), has about 8 brothers and sisters, and loves burritoes.
In Background (Mexican): Oranges, oranges! 5 dolla, 5 dolla!

Man: (To friend in car)What a lubia!
by Kman42 July 12, 2005
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