an expression of humor or laughter, similar to Haha. Often used in an online situation.
Bill:Dude, I just saw an old lady back up into a fire hydrant.

Tom: LOZ
by YellowJ July 09, 2004
The best person in the world - she is a genious, she is a god, no she is THE GOD, and she is also me! :-)
(i'm sure you all agree with me)
by Loz April 13, 2004
1. scumbag. thinks only of self and very highly.

2. homosexual
1. jim: when we get to the club don't be surprised if a few girls approach me.

tim: whatever.

jim: could you lend me $10 so i can buy some beer?

tim: i can't. i've got enough to get in and to get my moms' pills tomorrow.

jim: but what about me?

tim: i don't believe you man, you're such a loz!

2. ian mckellen is a loz.
by graham pulser May 13, 2004
A lively gurl...that luv's 2 pints of lager..is some times hard to understand...she like Fredie...she luv's Rick..and she hates..guess who
See aove definition. If you still dont get it then leave it
by Funkin Gonuts March 06, 2005
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