a sexy lady one may kno....great body and superb taste in lingerie....probably the dirtiest woman i kno!
lovely vid loz...may i keep it?
by shexay May 13, 2004
1. abbreviation. loh-ze. A funny or lazy way to say the online term "lol".
2. adj. loh-ze. A group or race of people that are associated with lying.
1. Did you hear that Park had to re-oil Robro? Loz

2. That spook behind the cash register said he gave me $5 in change and all I got was a buck. I'm tired of those stupid loz.
by Will Finn August 16, 2007
Started as a typo (written on a PDA) of "loves", then morphed into its own thing.
"ELY LOZ TUBGIRL" was the first use of "Loz", written on a PDA
by chairman lmao January 24, 2006
Someone who mistakenly submerges, jumps into or enters a body of water (swimming pool, ocean) while holding a joint or blunt, or while carrying a quantity of marijuana.
"He jumped in the pool with the doob? What a Loz"

"He went swimming with the green in his pocket! Stupid Lozza!"

"He did a Loz and got all the bud soaking wet."
by olly08021 July 23, 2010
a sarcastic reply to someone who is saying LOL all the time
person a - i'm really happy lol

person b - loz, you retard
by ruff in de jungle October 02, 2009
When you are bored with your friends who seem to LOL at everything you say

Sarcastic Lol
You are just sooooo funny lol

Yeah and why do you reply lol to everything I say loz
by eggyclassic October 02, 2009
Loz is an incredibly hot guy.
That is also an incredibly good blader.
Wow hes gorgeous.
"Wow look at loz isnt he gorgeous?!"
"Yeah he is!"
"Well hes mine so fuck off."
by kuuchu_x September 06, 2008
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