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Loyola Senoir High school located in the heart of towson. The full boy school with the motto of "Men for Others" lives up to this simply homo erotic slogan. Most of the guys in the closet tend to hide behind the partly shaggy hair, the pink shirts, and leather lofers. If you do not own some form of SUV you are shot on location in the parking lot, and if no "loyola" or "roll dons roll" logo is placed on the rear window you are manditorily whipped infront of all to see. Your mom must drive a suburban and if you have a sister she must go to maryvale or NDP. Dating hold other guidlines including; must be anorexic, must tan daily, MUST attend private school or dad must make over 100,000 a year, ribbons must be worn and jewlery oversized. Kairos is just a big circle jerk of guys finding thier "inner selfs" or their roomies asshole. If you dont play a sport you are seen as a loser, and if you dont get into college you must be kicked out to local public schools (see Dulaney). Hence when you enter college (VT, MD, or JHU the only frat you allowed to join is one with other loyola boys. Get comfy because after you marry your NDP/MVP girlfriend the cycle begins again and you will liveout your only high school sports career through them.
Hey which one of those lacrosse teams is in the lead?
Loyola, but they got banned because the ran a drug test and they are all coke heads
by ahme April 23, 2005
155 200
One of the few "schools" defined on Urbandicitonary.com in which there are more positive definitions than negative.
A good thing or a bad thing? Hmm...
by Squeed March 12, 2005
322 158
Loyola High School of Los Angeles is among the greatest high schools in this nation. We have gotten many championships in just about every sport. Our gridiron is a tremendous powerhouse and we are led by a great man and a respected man and friend of mine named Steve Grady. We won the national championship in 1975! Not only that, but our academics are outstanding. We average a 1400 SAT and have impecable GPAs. Anyone who doesn't like Loyola must either go to bastard schools like Mater Dei, Hart, Servite, and other Loyola wannabe schools in the Serra League.
Mater Dei Boy 1: Today Loyola came out and knocked our heads off.
Mater Dei Boy 2: I know. I might even have a concussion right now.
by William Joseph Hemmington December 19, 2004
349 208
A private, catholic high school where young men learn to be "men for others"..........it's also the school where the dances are more like raves and the girls outnumber the guys 4 to 1, which ROCKS!!!

Sports is like religion at Loyola--mostly everyone in the school is involved with some sort of sport.
Loyola Guy: Dude our Loyola dances rock so hard!

St. Francis Guy: Dude at our dances--the priests carry metal batons to make room for the holy ghost!

Loyola: Dude, that's pathetic.
by Loyola Man January 10, 2005
332 207
Loyola is a school for guys who are way smart, and way Hott...everyone who doesnt get into Loyola goes to St. Francis cause they arnt good enough. Some Loyola Boys are Jerks and really arrogant, but others are really nice and WAYYYY hott!
that guys so smart and hot he must go to Loyola
by mossygrows December 30, 2004
274 176
pimps on venice blvd hitting on all the girls from marymount on sunset blvd
the loyola boys fuck the us
by P.I.M.P March 03, 2005
210 143
Well basically, anyone that goes to St. Francis is a douche bang and or rainbow kisser. With that being said, it should be noted that they also bite the dick in soccer and that anyone who goes to that school was not intelligent enough to go to Loyola, hence, the beginning of the so-called rivalry. However, it is only jealously on the part of the St. Francis Jizz Javelins that they were too stupid to get into Loyola and Loyola is only happy to remind them. With that being said, considering the queer nuggets from St. Francis will most likely be to unintelligent to comprehend this beautiful array or words, you should take it upon yourself to remind them on a daily basis.
St. Francis Jizz Javelin: "dudee, our footbawl teem rocks and we like gott a stadeum and evverythang fer it cuz wee wonn like div. 29 but theen we nevar won again so thay gave it soccerr. oh man i cant spell. im going to go rape a child and kill myself."
by thefritobandito March 31, 2005
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A top tier high school that is very distinguished academically, athletically, and socially. A Loyola is quantum leaps above any other school.

This word originates from Loyola High School of Los Angeles.
Hey dude where do you go to school? St. Francis? Hahaha I go to Loyola!

I go to Loyola, and were good at tons of sports, were good in school, and we're definitely better than anyone else.

Loyola is the best damn high school in Southern California!
by teamramrodnumba1 October 27, 2009
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