Lowlife = punk + hipster. Not dirty enough to be straight up punk, not emotional enough to b emo (which is just young hipsters). Likes to holler at trust fund trustees, drink PBR, make people believe everything is ironic, dangle abt 400 keys off a carbiner (most of which prob don't open anything) blah blah blah
Cleveland is just full of these interesting little lowlife's. Hanging around dive bars pretending to be "down," then jump in the range rover dodging ppl asking for money, complaining about the poor.

1: What is up with that dude and all those keys? Is he a janitor? And why does he wear girls clothes?
2: Nah, he's just a lowlife, and I have no fucking clue
by The Goldfather August 09, 2010
Dirtbag rock'n'roller. A real goner.
Garage punk is some real lowlife rock'n'roll.
by kopper July 28, 2005
Anyone that goes to bridgport
wow arnt those bridgport kids low life hahahahahahha
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
A person who is boring and just stays indoors all day
That guy is a low life, I don't think he has friends
by Low life's suck July 28, 2016
A person who would stoop lower than you in morality primarily. A low life is not above lying, cheating, stealing, or insulting, or disgracing people at the top. Their attitude is based on being at the bottom. Somebody who is at the top doesn't need to behave this way because they are considered civilized, and are not menacing. Also, a person with bad social credit or credibility.
That lowlife ripped me off again, and I'm out of my savings money now. God#$@n lowlifes are ruining civilization.
by Norenorseman August 01, 2016
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