A person who has no values or standards. Some one who smokes greasy cigarettes, and does other drugs such as weed. A person who skips school and is going no where in life. They will probably be flipping burgers for the rest of their life while still living at their parents house when they are 30. A low life thinks their tough shit when they are actually not.
That fat chick is such a low life!
by maryrae2 March 22, 2011
a dude w/ no future but thinks he does.
"he's a business major yet he's not ivy, he's gonna get owned in the corporate world. dude, he's a lowlife."
by Lord Forrest February 21, 2006
a person who lives like trash, and doesn't care to improve themselves. one who often forgets about common priorities in life. one who resides in the south. a person who has no values or standards. someone who smokes greasy cigarettes, and does other drugs such as weed. a person who skips school and is going nowhere in life. often times a dirtbag rock'n'roller, a real goner.
he is a low life and he takes shit to an extreme. he has no morals.
by Yung Indigo July 01, 2015
Term used to describe the mini-bottles of Miller High Life.
Nothing quenches ones thirst as ineffectively as a shot of whiskey and a Low Life.
by Alana Post August 29, 2005
A person who decides to live the thug life and winds up getting in trouble with the law only to later use religion as a means to feel better about themselves and thus spread the word of god through stupid plays about gang life (Victory Outreach)and wearing shirts that say "GANG INTERVENTION SPECIALIST" on the back. All along not providing proper care of their bastard children while living in a sober home bringing down the value of homes in that neighborhood, yet manages to hold a job working at the port and drives a mercedes.

Lets not forget to mention the gang affiliation tattoos and tattoo tear drops. Great example for children.
That guy looks well over thirty, I cant belive hes driving that car and blasting oldies he needs to grow up, what a low life.
by I hate losers September 05, 2006
a low life could be defined as an immigrant who gets kicked out of their own country for being corrupt, comes to the united states and acts like they are better than everyone else when the truth is that work in fast food.
daysel penate is a low life
by james woods March 24, 2012
Lowlife = punk + hipster. Not dirty enough to be straight up punk, not emotional enough to b emo (which is just young hipsters). Likes to holler at trust fund trustees, drink PBR, make people believe everything is ironic, dangle abt 400 keys off a carbiner (most of which prob don't open anything) blah blah blah
Cleveland is just full of these interesting little lowlife's. Hanging around dive bars pretending to be "down," then jump in the range rover dodging ppl asking for money, complaining about the poor.

1: What is up with that dude and all those keys? Is he a janitor? And why does he wear girls clothes?
2: Nah, he's just a lowlife, and I have no fucking clue
by The Goldfather August 09, 2010

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