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1. a blowjob done deep underground or at least 100 feet underwater.
2. a crappy job.
Dude, I just got a lowjob from a mermaid the other day.

Mole: I give good lowjobs
Joey: Sweet.
by Lennathan May 26, 2008
The act of engaging in a blow job with someone of much lower standards.
Nick- Did you hear about cody.
Trev-Yeah i heard he got a low job from K-Worman
Nick-That shit is gross he could have done better
by ChubChasr April 02, 2010
Giving or receiving a blow job without finishing.
Josh: Hey man, did you score with Cara last night?
Matt: Kinda, she gave me a low job.
Josh: Awww, that sucks dude. I'm sorry.
Matt: Yeah but it was still more than you got.
by tkurband April 20, 2010
The positive female equivalent of getting a blow job. Cunnilingus. Also known as the verb to be "lolly-popped."

"LJ" for short.
Why is it that women never brag about getting low jobs?

He's a nice guy but he sucks at giving low jobs.
by allkindsofwrong June 14, 2013
To be discreetly jerked off under a table. (Usually occurrs in public)
Last night while playing spades that slut to my left gave me a baller low job.
by AlaskaFister January 13, 2010