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"Low born" or "low life". Underclass person of dubious education, values, appearance and dress. Invariably unemployed but frequently a sire to numerous progeny.
That unidentified person shooting up in the coin-up laundry looks like a complete lowie.
by cyberarian October 04, 2003
Slutty-looking, yet unusually attractive girls. Normally of Mediterranean or Lebanese descent- first introduced in "fat pizza" episodes. Commonly used in regions such as Burwood.
Ash: Where da fuck we goin bra?
Yousef: dunno cuz just wasting fuel.....LOWIES ON THE LEFT!
(Both yelling): CHECK OUT THA LOWIES BRA...
by Shamuta June 24, 2005
a female slut who enjoys male company.
A female who is very permisques and like attention form males. Also who enjoys having sex with multiple partners
by Mark October 15, 2004
Slut, a whore.
I fucked some mad lowies. Lowies for the boys (owe lays for the oizee bays in pig latin).
by Dasmo July 23, 2003
Lowie is a guy. He is a guy who likes to have a girlfriend. He loves his girlfriend a lot. He spends a lot of time on her. Most likely Lowie is very intelligent. He is also very sweet and gentle. Lowie is a good guy.
omg. he's such a Lowie. I wish he was my boyfriend.
by Sabine Sabbie July 23, 2010
A lowlife
Yo your girlfriend is a lowie
by phaire October 16, 2003
Single mother
I went down to the bar on pension day to pick up some LOWIES for a fuck

by big kids August 08, 2003