Single mother
I went down to the bar on pension day to pick up some LOWIES for a fuck

by big kids August 08, 2003
Top Definition
Slutty-looking, yet unusually attractive girls. Normally of Mediterranean or Lebanese descent- first introduced in "fat pizza" episodes. Commonly used in regions such as Burwood.
Ash: Where da fuck we goin bra?
Yousef: dunno cuz just wasting fuel.....LOWIES ON THE LEFT!
(Both yelling): CHECK OUT THA LOWIES BRA...
by Shamuta June 24, 2005
a female slut who enjoys male company.
A female who is very permisques and like attention form males. Also who enjoys having sex with multiple partners
by Mark October 15, 2004
Slut, a whore.
I fucked some mad lowies. Lowies for the boys (owe lays for the oizee bays in pig latin).
by Dasmo July 23, 2003
"Low born" or "low life". Underclass person of dubious education, values, appearance and dress. Invariably unemployed but frequently a sire to numerous progeny.
That unidentified person shooting up in the coin-up laundry looks like a complete lowie.
by cyberarian October 04, 2003
Lowie is a guy. He is a guy who likes to have a girlfriend. He loves his girlfriend a lot. He spends a lot of time on her. Most likely Lowie is very intelligent. He is also very sweet and gentle. Lowie is a good guy.
omg. he's such a Lowie. I wish he was my boyfriend.
by Sabine Sabbie July 23, 2010
A lowlife
Yo your girlfriend is a lowie
by phaire October 16, 2003
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