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-Background: A well-kept secret of the southeastern portion of South Carolina for many years. The lowcountry bang dance originated back in the late 80s and early 90s when all females had enormous bangs that were at least 6 inches in length, but were curled up to resemble a huge tidal wave of hair crashing down on the eyebrows. However, the bangs seem to be making a comeback, so the bang dance could be brought back to prominence.
-The act: A guy gets on all fours and tells a girl to lick his balls from behind. Then, when her forehead is about an inch away from his butthole, he rips a huge fart. The blast of hot air hits her right in the face, making the bangs on her forehead go crazy, or dance.
*Note- Don't get too trigger happy or she could end up with a liquid variation of a hot lunch to the face. Not good.
*Could also be a lowcountry perm dance if you find a really redneck girl that still rocks the perm.
Brandy thought we were getting kinky, but it was just to lure her in for a lowcountry bang dance.

That fart was about 200 degrees when it came out of my ass. I think I left a burn mark on her forehead from the lowcountry bang dance I gave her.

I started laughing in anticipation for a lowcountry bang dance and slipped out a fart before she even got close to my balls.
by BerkeyandFatty4life February 27, 2007
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