a life style of someone who fosters imperfection and renounces perfectionism due to personal blocks: like chronical laziness and conscious mediocrity.

a way of basing life and the products of actions around the content rather than the packaging.
un matched socks and stained trousers are very low-fi
by arianna lago June 23, 2005
Top Definition
Something creative made cheaply, independently or on a very low-budget.
Checkout my latest low-fi music video on youtube.

I've been playing around with a drum machine and some broken old toy instruments to create a very low-fi sound.

Low-fi means more inventiveness and less pressure.

I'm putting together a last minute low-fi multi-media gig for SXSW- you never know who might show up.
by Giada D. June 28, 2009
(a) short for low fidelity sound recording ie not high fidelity

(b) chilled out, relaxed, quiet, lazy, mellow
(a) its pretty low-fi production on this track

(b) judging by how drunk I am, tomorrow will be pretty low-fi
by Cutty Face September 04, 2004
mellow, ordinary, quiet - but in a funky kind of way
How was your weekend? it was pretty low-fi
by thom chapman September 29, 2003
(var: to pull a lowfi)
def: to inadvertently break something in a dungeon; it is obviously lowfi's fault, whether he is there or not
I lowfied when I accidentally knocked the lamp off the shelf, so he is now in big trouble.
by MsRB January 25, 2008
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