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A diet fad which some claim is safe and healthy, and others claim is a road to heart disease and kidney failure. It touts the removal of excess carbohydrates(carbs) from the diet, which are then replaced by protein, the idea being that the body's blood sugar goes down, insulin goes down, and the body goes into ketosis and begins to burn fat. Some say this is safe, others say it's highly dangerous, most people agree it is a diet best kept to the short term only, as it is not balanced, and it's also very expensive because of all the meat involved. Also known as the "Atkins diet." A less severe version of this model is the "South Beach" diet which allows carbs, but strives to eliminate "simple" carbs like white sugar and flour, in favor of "complex carbs" like whole grains which have high nutritional value and do not create the spikes in blood sugar that provoke insulin overproduction(something Dr. Atkins claimed to be the cause of weight gain.)
Also a big money fad as companies scramble to create "low carb" versions of popular products such as bread and pasta.
Low-carb bread? Now I've seen everything. The whole point of eating bread is to get carbs.
by Kucitizen June 27, 2004
Gays have been on this diet steadily for years. It consists entirely of meat and gravy.
A gay doesn't have to measure or count anything on this low-carb diet. He can eat as many twelve inch tube steaks a day as he can handle without tiring. Some swallow only the gravy, pure protein. Weight stays constant.
by Richard Black May 06, 2005
A diet low in carbonation, like Coca-cola, Pepsi and such.
I don't drink soda anymore... I'm on a low-carb diet.
by Brisk July 06, 2004
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