A car driven by niggers so they can pick cotton while they drive.
Shit, nigga, I'ma gets me a lowrider so I can pick some of that white shit while I bust ass from the po-leese.
by moctodfxyv January 11, 2009
Transportation for stupid people who wish to telegraph their low IQs to the world.
Pablo and Juan cruised North Main in a low rider.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
extremely saggy breasts.
Man did she have some low riders. She could have tucked them under her arms.
by Copie Boy November 06, 2002
a pair of pants that exposes one's ass crack.
"that fucking plumber and his lowriders!"
by The Rust Of Tydes March 03, 2004
A specific mode of transportation designed especially for the mexican race. This car/truck allows mexicans to pick lettuce while they drive, thus revolutionizing the agricultural business.
"Did you see that low rider! damn that spic can pick a shit load of lettuce."
by Jason22 August 21, 2005
A vehicle created by a beaner as a use for cash that should probably go to pay his huge child support debt. Usually involves taking some 1970's-era piece of shit and putting about $50,000 worth of hydraulics, custom paint, and wheels into it.
Check out Manuel's Monte Carlo - ai buey, what a cool lowrider, esay.
by John Heinz Kerry November 02, 2004
A bun of hair worn low on the neck.
Sandy knew she looked fine with her sparkling white Keds and her long blond hair pulled into a perfect lowrider.
by Louise Dewitt February 20, 2004

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