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car invented by da hispanic community and then blk ppl started using them too which is ok. Now lowriders r used in other parts of the country but lowriders r part of the latino culture just like da way Latino gangsters dress.
If u go 2 L.A u will see a lot of ppl ridin in lowriders.
by lowriderlatina July 23, 2005
a car with lowered suspention ususaly used on cars with hydraulics. very popular with Chollos
Chollo #1: Hey ese, you farted in my low rider

Chollo #2: Yeah, but now it's ganster for life homes

Chollo #3: Chinca tu madre, ella es una puta!

Chollo #4: What smells homes?!
by DEATH5089 November 20, 2006
A lowrider is a car or truck which has had its suspension system modified (sometimes with hydraulic suspension) so that it rides as low to the ground as possible. Lowriders often have user controlled height adjustable suspension. Lowriders are very often classic cars from the 1950s which rode low to begin with, although large numbers of 1940s and 1960s cars are also modified, and to a lesser degree newer vehicles. The word is also used to refer to those who drive or own such cars. A lowrider will traditionally have as many factory offered accessories / options as possible and often many after-market accessories added.

A lowrider's internal parts are likely to take damage from any form of an obstruction or imperfection in the road surface. The reverse automobile trait is people who drive raised trucks, expressing the ability to ignore such problems no matter how damaged the road is or whether they are on the road or not. Who inveted the lowrider?

Were is there proof the mexicans inveted the Lowrider car?
I have looked everywere and some say mexicans and some say american. I need hard proof. Who inveted hydraulics? I think it was some french guy. I dont know!
by sdluis October 11, 2007
pants with the waistband cut low, so that they hang off the hips instead of the waist
Low riders look good on Jennifer Lopez, but look nasty on that fat fuck Anna Nicole Smith!
by Nate June 06, 2003

1. an automoblile with sharply lowered suspension

2. someone who drives such a vehicle
I shudder at the though of a low rider getting a flat tire.
by The Return of Light Joker November 26, 2007
Youth of the sort who used to drive slowly in vehicles modified to ride close to the ground; usually Mexican-American types
The low-riders drove up and down Whittier Boulevard, "For Your Love" blasting from their radios.
by cornholio October 14, 2003
Loose pants that plumbers, repairmen, and fat construction workers wear which slip down exposing their buttcracks even if they wore a belt.
That fat construction worker's lowriders slip down when he's uses the jackhammer, thus exposing his crack.
by bread infection October 09, 2005