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a lovisa is a girl with long curly hair that tends to get in everybodys face. when she walks her body kinda jumps up and down and to the sides. a lovisa is very muddle-headed and has no local content what so ever. she wears stylish clothes in combinations that no one would think of and her looks changes from day to day like a chameleon. a lovisa is a crazy person that you always will have fun with. gorgeous guys tends to fall for her.

note: NOT the same as louisa! pronounced like lou-vee-sah.
guy 1: so... last night. i met a lovisa
guy 2: what did you just say? you did what?
guy 1: yeah... i met a lovisa.
guy 2: oh no you didnt?
guy 1: sure did
guy 2: well, how was it?
guy 1: she was a lovisa. do i need to say more?
by petite pouliche March 08, 2009

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