lovetard is the process of sexual effort to please a mentally unsound person. also known as banging the re re or doing helen keller.
yea, see was disabled, but damn did she try hard....i banged for the lovetard.
by willis5127 May 17, 2006
Top Definition
a person who is at a loss when it comes to romancing, flirting or other such activities. i.e. someone who fails at everything to do with love or courtship.
i never get any. I'm a lovetard.
by DaveZeroZero June 22, 2007
When people make a bunch of love-whoring crap (drawings, poems, songs, etc) and post it all over the internet.
ANOTHER drawing of her and her boyfriend kissing? Jeez, Sharon is such a lovetard.
by Scary Mary June 08, 2005
used to address a person who you love so much it's retarded how much you actually love them.
Hot Guy: Hamlexi, you are my lovetard, and i want to have beautiful children with you.
Hamlexi: {blushes} that'd be dandy.
by Hamlexi Mivettes December 30, 2005
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