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Another slang word for Testicles.
'ey up love, care to have a go at me lovespuds
by TheMayorOfBristol April 13, 2005
3 2
Term popularised by Craig Charles in Red Dwarf and voice overs for Challenge TV version of Takeshi's Castle. Slang for testicles, see nads, bollocks, happy sacks, balls.
"What a great shot, right in the happy sacks"
by Chico! August 07, 2004
35 12
Affectionate term for your partner
Hello my little lovespud
by Whippett December 06, 2010
0 0
Hey bitch come and empty my love spuds.
by Scoobytaxi March 08, 2009
14 18
a slang term for a testicle.
That stupid bitch kneed me in the love spuds.
by Beavis II January 26, 2009
11 45