1. A phrase referring to the infatuation of the male sex organ. More commonly used to tease friends or label a gay man, it can also be used for women.
2. A friendly name to call someone.
1. Wow, that guy just loves the cock.
2. Hey, loves the cock, go get me a beer.
by Giovanni March 22, 2004
Top Definition
Expression for a celebrity who doesn't admit he's gay.
Tom Cruise loves the cock
by Sebastian Be. April 17, 2006
A light and friendly term used to describe individuals who more commonly desire the male of the species.
Peter loves the cock!
by Alex September 22, 2003
Derogatory term for some of homosexual tendancies.
"See that bloke there, he LOVES THE COCK"
by Anonymous January 08, 2003
A term for a gay male. Used after one's name to indicate that he is gay.
Edwin Cruz loves the cock.
by someone in windham June 26, 2003
when somebody cannot possibly think of being with a woman; when they are either a heterosexual female or homosexual male.
Andrea A. thought that maybe she could be a lesbian, but then she realized that she just loves the cock.
by tommy t-dizzle May 01, 2006
Viggen:Known to many on Ricecop.com
Viggen loves the cock.
by nobody June 20, 2003
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