A young and energetic person that can satisfy all your needs.
Probrably not your present boyfriend.
John: Was my lover.
John: Is no longer my lover.
John: Wants to be my lover again.
John: Does not know how to LOVE
by Sunshine June 14, 2004
A person that you love. You dont really love them however, you just want to have sex with them.
Brian: Hey baby lets get it on!

Marsha: Of course you are a lover!
by arielthealien June 21, 2005
A term of endearment for all your friends. Good for ANYONE.
Bob: hello lover

Anna: I hate you please die =D

Bob: kthnxbye
by theeclique November 15, 2003
Another way to informally say "love you," often used in farewell and especially on emails/chat.

Can be written with additional r's, aka. "loverrr you xx"
-I have to go now but I'll talk to you tomorrow ok? Lover you.

-Alright, loverr you too.
by Rawrrr2812 October 06, 2010
lover means your all mine
by Brandi Dudley October 17, 2003
From the epic film bumfights vol. 2 comes this poem named "Lover"

Festering pussy hole I pump, pump, pump at you
be kind leave me no disease
I lust till my days are gone
fastering pussy hole

Black juice from your ass covers my mouth and face
penis, dick, cock, pussy, cum

I kick and punch and fuck bloody babys pussy
eat my dick you ungrateful whore

Killing pussy eater at night in the full moon
asshole fungus infected maggots, pussy, cock
i'll miss you.
See the above poem...
by d0y0ud0anal April 19, 2005
(verb) To lover something is to love something but not with the same passion as for your significant other. Besides saying you love this song or you love your shoes, use lover. Or if you wanna make up for hurting someone's feelings and you're not very close just say "I lover you!!"
Oh man, I lover this song!!! It's da bomb diggity!!
by Chesmerelda October 10, 2005

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