male (or female) mistress.
My lover sneaked into my bedroom last night and we made hot hot love.
by Holly Booday July 03, 2005
the person you are sleeping with or messing with behind your girlfriend/boyfriend's back
I needed her as a lover, cause i wasnt getting any from my girl
by homewrecker June 01, 2005
A young and energetic person that can satisfy all your needs.
Probrably not your present boyfriend.
John: Was my lover.
John: Is no longer my lover.
John: Wants to be my lover again.
John: Does not know how to LOVE
by Sunshine June 14, 2004
A clean way to call someone a Fucker in public. Often used by military. Sometimes by teens...and the young folk, lol.
Usually an inside joke but it can be used to insult someone to their face without them knowing...
soldier 1: Hey there lover! -hardy laugh-
soldier 2: -shrugs- What's up?
s2's wife: WTF?
by AniLove October 29, 2008
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