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a slang term for a testicle.
That stupid bitch kneed me in the love spuds.
by Beavis II January 26, 2009
11 45
Term popularised by Craig Charles in Red Dwarf and voice overs for Challenge TV version of Takeshi's Castle. Slang for testicles, see nads, bollocks, happy sacks, balls.
"What a great shot, right in the happy sacks"
by Chico! August 07, 2004
35 12
Another slang word for Testicles.
'ey up love, care to have a go at me lovespuds
by TheMayorOfBristol April 13, 2005
3 2
Affectionate term for your partner
Hello my little lovespud
by Whippett December 06, 2010
0 0
Hey bitch come and empty my love spuds.
by Scoobytaxi March 08, 2009
14 18