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Love kisses is a Toronto slang term that is becoming popular at ryerson university. The term invented by AV & PM, two soul-mates.

"Love Kisses" is the act of giving 5 awesome, loving kisses on each cheek plus one bonus kiss. Their are also eskimo kisses, forehead kisses, and soulmate french kisses that follow.

CAUTION: Only real soulmates can use the term love kisses.

PS: Baby mushes are only made by AV and PM
When PM had surgery AV gave him 5 love kisses on each side + 1 bonus one, and then gave lip kisses and a forehead kiss to seal it.
by PM AV SOULMATE June 14, 2011
When you kiss someone's skin with an open mouth and a little bit of tongue. Tongue should touch skin at the same time as the lips. Makes the kiss-y noise. :)
He love kissed my neck as we intertwined.
by rainysunshine January 25, 2010