Similar to Beergoggles.

Only seeing everything through the eyes of someone who loves love or in love.

Love tinted glasses.

Generally related to encouraging people or used as weapon of persuasion to make people fall in love either with other people or items.
Friend one: I really like that guy..but I don't think I should go for it.

Friend two(with lovegoggles): Honey, you should totally go for then you can get married have babies, get a dog - grow old, move to France and live happily ever after..

Friend one: You are so right.. I'm totally going for it..


I lovegoggle that (*insert item of desire)
by hallmarkKitty April 16, 2009
Top Definition
The phenomenon in which being in love with someone makes them appear more physically attractive to you.
My wife's even prettier than the day we met! Must be the love goggles.
by kwaping December 07, 2006
Wearing your "love goggles" is a mental state a person enters when they are so deeply and hopelessly in love that they are convinced thier partner is nearly perfect. They may comment on how wonderful thier partner's body is, or how handsome or pretty they are, when in reality, they aren't. It's similar to wearing "beer goggles", where all women look beautiful after you've had a few, but without the alcohol; "love goggles" is a similar effect that is based on emotion.
"Hey baby, you have such a hot body, you're built like a weightlifter".

reply: "Thank you, but no I'm not. You need remove your "love goggles" and return to reality.
by Vallard January 29, 2010
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