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a woman's vagina; slang for a woman's pussy
damn, Bob just stuck his wonder stick down mary's love canal
by le dancing gir April 09, 2005
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A romantic way to refer to your vagina.
Alyssa was a lonely girl, and she stroked her love canal loving every night to keep herself company. Palmela was her only friend.
by Cora LeNulty September 02, 2008
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A neighborhood in Niagara Falle, NY which was the site of notoriety and international attention following the discovery of 21000 tons of toxic waste buried directly underneath. A school and a residential neighborhood was built on top of it. Evacuation began in 1978. It is now the Love Canal Leachate Treatment Facility, and residential areas around it are known as Black Creek.
Person A: That girl has three rows of teeth. Is that normal?
Person B: Sure it is, if you live in Love Canal.

As you have just heard, birth defects, genetic disorders and anomalies were common, especially for children living on top of 21,000 tons of toxic waste.
by SBueti May 15, 2010
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Any of the three orifces of the female anatomy or 2 of the male anatomy.

female - anal, vaginal, oral
Male - anal , oral
Male: So does your booty partner get all access to all three love canals these days?

Female: Well, I'm raggin so I only give it up in 2 this week.

Male: Lucky dude!!
by Awesome Aaron from the 954 April 15, 2010
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