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" Love is an emotional feeling, which depends of us, and not of the person we love "

Friendship = Love, even though we don't really understand it.

Love, To love, To Be Loved, Being In Love, I Love You ... INFINITY !

Love ≠ Passion ! Love = Friendship ! Not many people understand it, but the real definition is : Sentimental feeling towards a friend, brings love for ever, sentimental feeling towards a person, brings hate for the whole life ... Passion disappears and creates hatred !
You don't love a person because she/he is beautiful ... The person is beautiful because you love her/him !

Love has many different synonyms, such as : affection amity amorousness amour appreciation enjoyment happiness fidelity like sentiment respect worship and mostly WEAKNESS

Antonyms are in great number also, but the most sensual are : dislike hate hatred
by Don - Juan May 28, 2010
A misunderstanding between two fools.
Gotta love Oscar Wilde
by averywiseman April 01, 2010
The worst fucking feeling in the world, especially if it's to the person you can never ever have
I have a deep love for my best friend, but she doesn't feel that way toward me. Furthermore, she told me on the phone the other day she's single and looking, has recently had sex and got pregnant by 'some hot guy', and is looking to get married. I offered myself to her, and she refused. I was left devastated. Love is the worst fucking feeling in the world.
by a_j216 July 15, 2006
Something me and your mom have been experiencing for ages.
I freaking love your mom. She's the best.
by Tyler D May 01, 2006
It can mean passion, romance. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person
It can be that feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair.

Or it could be one of the worst words on this planet, especially in between “I” and “You”
Love can be fake, it can be real, in any situation, you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it.
Love is life it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're ganna get.
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company December 16, 2005
its a difficult thing to describe..everyone has their own definition...

for me, love is something special, you should only say it when you know you mean it. including if you say your in love

even if you tell them you love them and they say they cant say it until they're sure, you understand and tell them you can wait.

its when you feel like everything is perfect when your with them and you dont want the moment to end.

you feel complete when your with them and you miss them every second their gone.

you cant help but smile everytime you see them or when your with them.

you think about them more than you do yourself and you dont care what other people think when your with them.

when eveything you do reminds you of them.

they're the last thought before you go to sleep and their your first thought waking up.

their in your thoughts all day.

you still care about them even when they screw up.

you love them for who they are, flaws and all.

you chose them over all the people you hang out with.

if you think somethings wrong you make sure they're ok even if they say their are.

you dont want to be with anyone else but them.

guysyou dont care if your girl wears sweats, no makeup, and has her hair in a messy ponytail.

guy: i love you

girl: i'm sorry. i do like you a lot but i'm just not ready to say i love you. i want to be sure.

guy: thats ok. just wait until you're ready.
by NeverAgain128x January 17, 2008
Giving yourself completely to another without hesitation, without question, without regret, and without second thought but with indescribable caring, passion, understanding, and selflessness.
I love you Harmonee.
by Mac---Crazy April 16, 2012