The best way to seduce a girl to get her knocked up and leave her. :]

Aren't I such a positive female?
Aww baby I love you.
*fucks and leaves*
by Perfect Imperfection. February 18, 2008
A handy and noble excuse for men to have sex and for women to have children. An seemingly reachable but impossible ideal that comsumes everybody on the planet in one way or another. The real things represented by this word are security, shelter from the terror of loneliness, possession, jealousy, fulfilment of childhood dreams, money, greed, diversion of attention from oneself.
I wonder... do animals make high and mighty excuses for reproduction?

Wanting to be constantly with another is often called love for this other but is also one of the most surefire ways to escape from oneself (what most people are really afraid of)
by Daffy August 16, 2005
Something that teenagers don't possess untill they are well into there 20's.
8th grade love is for the dogs.
by Stevepower July 19, 2006
"Love" can have several meanings.

1) An extremely strong romantic feeling for a human being, a dolphin, or a small woodland animal. It if often said to be "unexplainable," but those who are lonely and have nothign better to do with their time will tell you otherwise.
2) An expression derived from romantic love, that doesn't actually have anything to do with romance or fucking someone's brains out.
3) A term in tennis.
4) The act of sexual intercourse, fuckily duckily doo.
5) To quickly remove your clothes.
6) To actually dislike, hate, or loathe something, and lie.
1) Large Creepy Man: I think I love you, Flipper.

2) Dumbass: LOL I LOVE PIE

Tenniser 1: What's the score?
Tenniser 2: Thirty, Love.

Gossip'r1: Like, OMG what did you and Chad do last night?
Gossip'r2: We made love like a pile of mad weasles.

5) Young Johnny got arrested for Loving. It's a sad world, isn't it?

6) I love George W. Bush.
by Urban Dictionary May 13, 2006
the feeling i get towards ashley
i love you so much
by that one really cool guy February 06, 2009
the fictional emotion higher beings use to rationalize monogamous lust, to maintain the illusion of morality in organized society, in order to differentiate from the immoral desire of lust
'No, it's not just his body, I love him!'
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
love is is most described as unexplainable because it occours in the brain, when your neurons fire to react to an emotional, hormonal trigger. That feeling,love, is just your body telling you that it's time to reproduce.
"Holy shit she's the hottest asian chick i've ever seen!"
"Dude, you've never seen an asian chick"
by caljoun June 20, 2005

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