1)a feeling that makes you sick in the stomach because of the amout of feelings that are stirring up in your stomach

2)something that makes you wanna do crazy things and not think about the consiquenses
1)i told jack that i love him and now its awakward between us:(

2)ahh im not sure if i love him or not ahh help me its makeing me feel sick
by tearslikerazorblades October 06, 2008
Do you know what does L.O.V.E mean?

L = License
O = Of
V = Vaginal
E = Entrance
I love you and I trust you baby. That's why I hug you baby and then I fuck you.
by hu$T-LA September 18, 2008
The most spectacular,indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone.
hanniah and troy love each other
by Hanniah September 16, 2008
a feeling that ends up getting people fucked over constantly.
"i thought she was in love with,but she just ended up fucking me over."
by ArkhaM!!!! August 28, 2008
a temporary state of imaginary happiness lasting til such a time that some peice of shit, or ur self, ruins this happiness.
you love me, but you like her...
by Miss Stephie August 25, 2008
love is an indescribal feeling that you try to put inti words but... fail,love is where you need this person to survive,love is where you do anythiing for this person you just need to then to live and breath love is where you hands get all sticky when you are with them,love is whe you try to make yourself not look like a dick in front of them,love is where you find it so so hard to tell them how you feel but yet you regret it if you dont!! but every good thing must come to an end = shame but it dose

etherlove it or hater it
guy 1 : dude i cant stop thinking about her and my hands keep getting all swetty i think i am in love what do i do ?

guy 2 : when was the last time you saw her?

guy 1 : five mineuts ago
by SSAAmMmMmM August 23, 2008
you cant define love , stop trying .
when your in love, you`ll know it .
when i think of him i get the butterflies so intensley that i feel like im going to pass out . and when im with him , love takes over
by c-r-a-z-e-d August 23, 2008
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