Something that can give you the feeling of pure happiness and an unexplainable feeling for someone. Love is also something that can rip your heart out and shatter it into a million little pieces.

WARNING: Love is dangerous and someone always ends up getting hurt. Usually the other person will step on and painfully reject your heart for another person. This continues on in a vicious cycle; falling in love, in love, dating, the break up, after the break up, deep depression, then falling in love again, ect. Be careful; you will get hurt when you are in love, but it's something you can't stop.
The cycle of love:
Falling in love: You see said person, your heart stops, and you get an unexplainable feeling in your gut, usually butterflies in your stomach.
In love: Everytime you see that person, your heart beats fast and you want to be with that person and never let them go.
Dating: Finally, you two are going out and you feel happiness, and a feeling that you hope will never stop. You think about this person constantly. This feeling cannot be explained with words.
The break up: He/she finds another person. They break up with you, not really caring about your feelings. Your heart sinks to hell and you feel nothing. Usually, there is shock.
Deep depression: You feel never ending sadness, pain, and hate towards the person. You hate the person so much, but you still love them. Usually the person with heartbreak doesn't give a shit about life anymore.
Falling in love (again): See the Falling in love stage.
by Mitsuki Ame May 24, 2010
Nei-Ne & Nay-NA
by nAY-nA March 29, 2010
kaley loves jarek.
jarek fucks her over.

(love sucks)
by grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr567tyu March 29, 2010
The worst feeling anyone can have. It invades your thoughts and controls your mind. It is extremely similar to a drug addiction, except that there is no way to avoid, escape or resist it. It has the uncanny ability to eat away at a person until they are nothing but a hollow shell of their former self, leaving them willing to do absolutely anything for their partner "of their own will". It is but a delusion that takes away from the natural meaning of life. It is only a feeling and nothing more. Most who fall into "love" believe that it is what they have always dreamed about, what they need, and what they absolutely want more than anything else. People need to remember that love is completely meaningless. Instead of trying to find someone who can curse you with pure pain and inability to think for yourself, you should be looking for ways to better improve society.

Love is a truly meaningless thing.
"I've fallen in love, and it feels wonderful, but it feels as though something is eating away at me deep inside."
by Sociopathy March 23, 2010
The definition of love cannot be written. It can only be felt.

Love can not be explained away, if you have it you will not need an explanation.

People can say that it is a disease, something that can destroy us. Love cannot destroy, if love destroys you, it was never really truly love.

let someone show you love. show love to those afraid of finding it for themselves.
Love to live, live to learn, learn to love.
by tnt93 September 03, 2009
Love is kind love is patients, never jealous, boastful, proud or rude. Love isnt selfish or quick tempered. It doesnt keep a record or wrongs that others do. Love rejoices in the truth, but not in evil. Love is alway supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting. LOVE NEVER FAILS!

1 Corinthians CH 13 VS. 4-8
sex, girlfriend, boyfriend, romance, and love
by ginnaLOVEShim June 30, 2009
The only word more powerful than FUCK.
Girl - I love you.
Boy - DAMN, BITCH!! couldn't you have just said you wanted to fuck me!
by JFB244 June 15, 2009

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